Multi-Channel B2B-Focused Marketing Communications

The Path to Success


Client-geared content and effectiveness assessment at each step


Building a marketing strategy, setting objectives and choosing courses of action


Studying and deeply familiarizing ourselves with the client and the client’s objectives, while keeping within a set budget


Focusing Campaigns and Precise Messaging

Creating Effective Tools

Tools for creating leading brands: branding, rebranding and modern positioning | creating targeted distribution lists | message crafting | creating posters, banners and newsletters, with an emphasize on calls to action | creating websites that work for the company, 24-7 | creating sales tools | designing and putting together trade shows | running conferences and study days for focused target audiences | localizing sales tools | creating content as a marketing tool and distributing it on relevant channels | packaging design | point of purchase branding and signage | company vehicle branding

WIIFM - What's in it for me

What do I get out of this partnership?

We are committed to our clients’ success, placing your customers on center stage. Your customers are the most important factor to consider when choosing various media channels. This is because everything needs to “synergize”, to make the most effective use of your budget. We zealously ensure that lead generation is the paramount consideration in any activities we initiate. Our clients reap the benefits of this approach day in, day out.

Our Clients’ successes

speak for themselves

The Here and Now

What’s happening at Growth Hormone?

Building Trade Show

During the Building 2016 Trade Show, Golan Plastic Products unveiled Golan One, an all-in-one pipeline system.
Golan’s three product lines were presented to attending contractors and entrepreneurs at the expanded exhibition: domestic water supply, noise-reducing sewage systems, and PEXGOL industrial piping.
The exhibition was designed by Yoav Graphics. We, at Growth Hormone, came up with the message, and we designed and put it all together to form the impressive structure.

Branding tankers and packaging - Gat Fertilizers

With Gat Fertilizers, we “took control” of the essential nutrients for plants - the three NPK elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Gat Fertilizers blends these nutrients with its knowhow, “tailoring”, technology and experience, and we packaged all of this under the NPK + brand. We showcased this message everywhere Gat Fertilizers came in contact with its customers – in this case, farmers in Israel and abroad.

Roll-ups - Golan Plastic Products

We finished producing roll-ups for conferences and professional meet-ups, and this is how we maintained a identical visual sequence everywhere Gat Fertilizers came in contact with its customers – in this case, contractors, entrepreneurs and planners.

Roll-ups - Plasson

With Plasson, there’s someone to connect to, in infrastructure, industry, gardening and agriculture.

About Us

A Top Notch Creative Team

Growth Hormone is a top-notch boutique firm used as a platform for outsourcing, serving factories and medium to large companies. The firm specializes in creating multi-channel B2B marketing communication. We are committed to supplying our clients with tools that will help them achieve their objectives in the short to medium term. In parallel, we help our clients achieve results very quickly. We give it our all, and maintain personal contact with our clients daily. We insist on responding immediately while preserving high work standards.

Selma Zuckerman

Operations Manager

A graduate of the College of Management. Responsible for everything that moves in the office. Communicates directly with our clients, in person, sets the pace, and sets processes in motion.

Yoni Zilberbaum


A graduate of the Management Training Program at Tel Aviv University, Yoni has lived and breathed B2B ever since beginning his career as an industrial inputs marketer, working for global companies based in Japan and the United Kingdom. He is closely familiar with decision-making processes in the B2B world, and is constantly learning and increasing his proficiency.

Tal Shalom

Art Director

A graduate of the Ascola School of Visual Arts in Tel Aviv, Tal completed post-graduate studies at SVA New York. She has experience in design and marketing strategy, and is a typography and aesthetics freak. She manages projects and initiates community art programs, and she’s also a full-time mom.

Guy David

Digital Department

In charge of regular website updates and maintenance. He is a pioneer in Israeli podcasting, and specializes in social media. In his spare time he streams MMORPGs on

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