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We are committed to the success of our clients and put your customer at the centre, as the most prominent factor in various communication channels, everything must "play in unison" to effectively make use of your budget. In every proactive action we initiate, we attribute the uttermost importance to lead generation.

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growing competition
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4Lead generation
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in the B2B world

Book a no-obligation meeting with us: yonib2b@gmail.com | Facebook

Book a no-obligation meeting with us: yonib2b@gmail.com | Facebook

About Us

A Cutting Edge Creative Team

Growth Hormone is a small agency with a family atmosphere, acting as an outsourced hub for factories and medium to large companies. We specialize in creating multichannel B2B MarCom campaigns. We are committed to creating tailor-made tools for our client in full alignment with his medium and long term goals, while at the same time enabling our client to achieve short term growth. We give our utmost and are personally in-touch with our clients on a daily basis. We provide a timely response whilst ensuring a high standard of work.

Understanding your company, designing a strategy

Deep analysis of your current state - where you want to go. Understanding your target market and the characteristics of your competitor’s operation. Designing a marketing strategy that will achieve your company’s goals and initiate growth. Lead generation, designing messages and response channels for those in the field whilst exhausting your inbound marketing options.

Opening B2B channels

Communicating with all those involved in the process: clients, distributors, consultants, relevant influencers, procurement entities, payers, financiers and end users of course.

Branding to create identity and presence

Identifying the uniqueness of your products and designing a uniform visibility at all points of contact between the company and its customers. Renewing and strengthening the Company's identity and products in the marketplace. Creating the brand pledge. Production of sales tools that do the job, ads, catalogues, presentations, packaging, customer brochures, naming products and services, designing and producing professional exhibitions and conferences.

Designing your up to date visibility

We live in a fast changing world. In order to enable you to retain and grow your market segment, draw awareness to your new products and face an ever growing competition, we create your unique copy that reflects the here and now.

Building your digital presence

It has been said that if you are not online you don’t exist. We help you create an on-line presence through the production and distribution of newsletters, the production of on-line banners, the building of a website and building a social media presence including Facebook.

Book a no-obligation meeting with us: yonib2b@gmail.com | Facebook

What our clients...

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Book a no-obligation meeting with us: yonib2b@gmail.com | Facebook

Here and Now

What’s happening in Growth Hormone

Medium Rare - Re-branding

A successful meat restaurant in the Diamond Exchange District approached us for the rebranding of their culinary jewel. Here is what we came up with. Don’t forget to reserve your table in advance...

Maagan Filtration - Exhibition in Germany

Maagan Filtration Co. participated in the IFAT exhibition in Germany. IFAT is one of the leading exhibitions in the field of water, filtration, water treatment and sewage. After brain storming with the Maagan Filtration management team we formulated the central messages and designed a 12 stripe exhibition kiosk, packaged it for easy transport and shipped it to Germany.

Yakir - Re-branding

We designed a re-branded campaign for Yakir Industries, an established company in the field of manufacturing, development and marketing of metal components for the electronics industry. We used up to date graphic language that expressed the company’s essence and the link between the metal industry and the world of electronics.

Gat Fertilizers - ‘Accordian’ Type Foldable Brochure

Gat Fertilizers is a leading company known for its tailor-made fertilizer products that are matched to agricultural crops. In a recent convention the company presented its product range designed for avocado growers. We chose a slightly different format that was able to express the company’s unique approach and range of products.

Building a Facebook Presence For Sagiv

Facebook has also become a prominent option for the B2B marketplace. We are already there with a dedicated Facebook page for Sagiv that speaks the Facebook "language". This business page provides exposure to the company’s innovative products in the field of flow control, water and gas.

A High-speed Network Conduit by Yakir

Yakir Industries developed a new product - a High-speed Network Conduit. We gave it a name that tells the story: "Speed Click". We designed a logo which suggested the structure and speed of installation, directed a demo photo shoot, and wrote and produced advertising for the new product.

Maagan Filtration - Timely Professional Evaluations

In preparation for the Isracam exhibition which featured Ma'agan Filtration, a new company from Ma'agan Michael, we produced an exhibition and followed up the process with the production of up-to-date sales tools. In close cooperation with Uria Brechman, Ma'agan Filtration’s CEO:
- We scheduled visits to the exhibition by relevant parties in advance.
- We determined the concept, designed and produced the company's booth.
- We produced the company profile page in Hebrew and English.
- We produced a CASE STUDY page which described the integration of Maagan filters in a large industrial plant.

New Product Branding - Plasson

Plasson completed the development of a new connector product and we where tasked with the building of its identity. The new fitting enables a quick repair of damaged water pipes. We named the product "Slide & Seal" which speaks for itself – the contractor just slides the fitting on at the damage point and the leak is gone. We also designed a series of product packages for the various fitting diameters.

Multilingual Calendars For Plasson

Towards the New Year we designed and produced a series of 12 branded calendars for the various global markets where the company operates. Each country got its own calendar in its own language and marked with its own holidays. Plasson’s distributers around the world received positive responses from their clients.

Customer Newsletter - Golan Plastic

The 40th edition of the Golan Plastic customer newsletter is here. A respectable way of presenting the company’s innovations and targeting a specific audience in the field of water products. A powerful marketing tool which is distributed to all major players in the field of water provision and generates a constant flow of leads.

Branding Of Tankers And Packaging - Gat Fertilizers

With Gat Fertilizers we focused on the latter’s unique and technologically advanced tailor made fertilizers which combine three fundamental plant elements – NPK, with an added twist based on the company’s extensive experience. We packaged this under the brand name NPK+. We conveyed this message throughout all of Gat’s dealings with its customers, farmers in Israel and around the world.

Golan Plastic - Rollups

By producing branded rollups that accompany Golan Plastic to various conferences and professional meetings we maintained an identical visual continuum throughout all of the company’s contacts with its clients, contractors, entrepreneurs and planners.

Building Exhibition - Golan Plastic

At a recent Building 2016 Exhibition, Golan Plastic Products unveiled Golan ONE, a one-stop provider of all pipe systems, all under one roof. As part of the expanded exhibition, entrepreneurs and contractors were presented with Golan's three product lines: the supply of apartment water, noise-reducing sewage systems and the PaxGoll pipe system for infrastructures. The exhibition was designed by Yoav Graphics - we at Growth Hormone were behind the message, we formulated it and shaped it into an impressive structure.

Plasson Rollups

With Plasson there is always someone to connect with, in infrastructure, industry, gardening and agriculture.

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We would assist your company with a variety of MarCom tools: marketing strategy, branding, websites and digital, professional conferences, exhibitions and graphic design. Come grow with us.